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No Social Distancing with Social Media!

With 6ft social distancing as the new norm, how are we supposed to let people know we're open for business? Do we make them drive to our office or place of business, should we have them call or let them assume we're open or closed? No, that's old school! The easiest way to remove any confusion or doubt we're still open during the Covid days is to let them know via social media.

Power in numbers

200 MILLION Instagram users visit at least one business profile daily. One-Third of the most viewed Stories are from businesses, that could be you! Global reach, 89% of users are outside the U.S, your business could grow internationally, so let's get you growing.

Is there value for your business to be on Instagram?

Yes, absolutely there is value for your business on IG!

The average business posts an average of 2.5 Stories per week and there are 4.5 billion social media users worldwide. Most ssers spend an average of 3 hours per day on social networks, they could be spending time doing business with you.

Instagram and Facebook posts are more than a pretty picture. They give your clientele the most up to date information on your business and expand your reach beyond the 6ft we're allowed these days.

If you need help tapping in to social media, we can help! Our team curates tailor-made grids and engagement. We grow your reach organically while presenting your business in a beautiful format to attract new business.

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