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Bible Study Fellowship Santa Barbara

Color Palette

Cohesive with the BSF colors with white, gray + gold.

Screen Shot 2019-08-07 at 12.44.12

Font pairing and contrast create balance and harmony

Screen Shot 2019-08-07 at 12.47.33

Keeping the grid simple with the same colors + repeating 3 themed posts.

Application for Instagram

Instagram Handle (click for link)

Email -

Password - grace123

Post x2 per week: Friday - Hold Fast or Take to Heart, Monday - Apply it (Image)

Hold Fast - Scripture - found in the notes under "Focus". Post on Friday (most engagement with quotes/scriptures)

Apply it (Image) - Question or Announcement - found in the "Apply It" section in the notes on the last page. Post on Mon as motivation. 

Take to Heart - Quote from "Engage" section in the notes on the first page. Post on Friday. Select quotes that correlate, are short and can also be read out of context to someone who may have not read the study/notes to reach people outside of BSF on social media.


Facebook Handle @BSFSantaBarbara

Email -

Password - Newday!1

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Update Events to reach more people such All Class Fellowship etc.

Can be a great tool for women to see Calendar of events

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